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David Lovera


I have started computer programming at 8 year, with a DAI. Through an Sinclair QL, Atari 520/1040 ST and finally Amiga 500/1200 i have discovered several universe from Basic to Assembler 680×0. I’m very interested by new technologies, programming, real time visual effects and music.

In 1991, i have rejoined in a Amiga Demoscene Group called Chryseis. In this period, all Chryseis demo was done on Amiga in assembler on Motorola 680×0. And during this period, we have released for Hoodlum some nice Intros / Demos. I have also discover a way to compose electronic music with ProTracker, 2D Art Graphics with Deluxe Paint.

Between 1996 and 2012, i have left the Amiga Scene, mainly due to work, family, children, Commodore bankrupt. I was mainly focusing on different jobs and missions, from company to another.

From 2012, i have restarted to code some demos on PC, and finaly i have restarted new demos under the label name “Hoodlum”.

You can find more information about my professional experience via LinkedIn…

Or just follow some products, release and paper on my blog


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