My demo presented @ Revision 2017.

A quick release of this demo using my new 3d engine featuring : deffered shading, AO, FOG, DOF, Bloom and Skinned Mesh (FBX format) …

Download @ http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=69709

You can see below some old version / test to make this demo, enjoy !

Version 4 : Not the final release !


Version 3 : Test with ATB commercial song…

Version 1 : First version with a few scene.

Below, some screenshot during the development of this demo. Including test of several object / shadow effect / Ambiant occlusion / light scattering / postprocessing (color, depth of field, …)

At this time, the engine have a simple UI, done with AntTweakBar…


More free stuff (music) @ https://unix61.bandcamp.com/