Computer vintage – C64 & Amiga

Twenty years ago, i have developped a lot of stuff on small computer;  Commodore Amiga, Atari ST. All my stuffs was done in assembler motorola 680X0. The main tools was Devpack Assembler, Deluxe Paint, Pro Trakker, and some specific cruncher… Of course the bike was very limited : processor speed running at 8/20/30 Mhz depending of processor version. The memory was splitted in two. The Chip memory & the fast memory. The Chip Memory (1 megabytes) was used by (both) processor and coprocessor (Blitter, Copper,…) ; access speed was limited due to sharing between processor & copro. The Fast memory (8 megabytes, depending of memory extension card ) was only for main processor.

Iris was a computer graphics demo developed in assembler. It was a 3D demonstration with 3D mapping, gouraud shading and other nice effects…img_4936

Devpack was used to code the “Iris demo” and a lot of work was needed to code, debug all assembly stuff ;-p

To be continued